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Inge de Jonge, ethical fashion designer

“I like to imagine a model from fabrics found in a flea market or in the forgotten stock of an old factory. Like that last roll of beautiful  fabric that slept there, waiting to find a second life.  

It's ecological and so stimulating! "

For more than twenty years, she has imagined original and timeless clothing. 
In a pioneering way, she took the turn to a circular economy, for a more virtuous and meaningful creating process. She has just opened a boutique-workshop in the South of France, allowing ultra-local production, in direct contact with her seamstresses.

Inge studied at the School of Fine Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In love with France, she came to live there in 1984.
She then launched her first collections, and soonly won several design competitions.

The development of her first brand required large-scale production, subcontracted abroad, which quickly showd its limits in ethical and environmental terms: dehumanization of the creation process, standardization of models and homogenization of style, waste of fabric, polluting dyes, long transport distances ...
The stylist realizes that all of this goes against her values and what she wants to offer.

She decides to apply a new method, in accordance with her aspirations. She then begins to draw and design a textile line that resembles her.

The style is original, inspired by the periods of the 1920s, 1940s and 1950s. These periods marked the movement for the emancipation of women and the way of dressing.

Inge de Jonge's artistic line thus tells of her philosophical and poetic vision of the world, sublimated by beautiful materials, synergies of soothing shades, elegant ornaments as well as a fluidity of fabric pleasant to wear daily.


The design process aims to contribute to the virtuous evolution of the textile activity. Manufacture as close as possible to points of sale, use of French materials, natural and of plant origin, as well as "upcycled" fabrics.

"Upcycling" means upgrading materials. Inge de Jonge likes to give a second life to what could be forgotten or thrown away. Beyond a notion of fashion, it is more an art of living where the object is loved for the story that its material tells.
We called this process “(Re) made”.

The production is made by hand, by seamstresses based in Ardèche and Gard, which allows a direct link between the designer and her teams, as well as a very short distance transport.

Part of the production is also ensured in collaboration with an integration workshop, which allows women to regain self-confidence by making unique pieces, thanks to sewing and weaving.

Photo couturière.JPG

The house of Inge de Jonge is therefore part of the movement of social and solidarity enterprises as well as the circular, sustainable and local economy, dear to its philosophy of life.

This approach also makes it possible to be in touch with customers, to listen to you as best as possible in order to adapt to your needs and desires.

Here, all your suggestions are welcome!

Presentation of the boutique-workshop at Les Vans, South France

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