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I’m a designer making textiles and clothing that personally resemble me. They communicate my own poetic impression of the world and offer a sublime vision that makes use of beautiful materials, combinations of soothing hues, remarkable ornamental elements and fluid fabrics that evoke elegance and well-being.

My new collection has all been produced locally to me, using European fabrics and recycled elements. It’s a direct response to my frustration with consumerism and my own passion for recycling.
The term concept might be overused in marketing, but it nevertheless allows me to describe what I’m trying to do: moving away from a world dedicated to women, men and children and instead being true to the textures and moods for which I’m known. Each unique element has been developed in the same decorative fashion, from pillows, lamps and bags to pouches and blankets. The jewellery also employs this new philosophy; made from the lace and pearls of old milliners.

A story of the love of yesterday’s garment re-imagined for today.  The passion for creating clothing worn far from the consumer world and loved increasingly as time passes.
Inge blends romantic elements with Nordic touches to create desirable, easy to wear silhouettes.
Fabrics, painted with memories of old, are reworked, becoming subtly softer and more beguiling to the eye and touch.


Inge de Jonge